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Flying Dragon Air Rifles is the foremost source for performance tuning and repair of Chinese air rifles including XISICO™ air rifles. We also offer our customers the options of purchasing rifles in factory configuration or in performance tuned versions. Flying Dragon provides professional custom airgun tuning services for many makes and models from most major manufacturers such as RWS, Crosman and Beeman. We also offer high quality custom parts fabrication and installation services for your existing air rifles at prices you can afford. Want to know more about airgun tuning? Click here.





Xisico Model XS25 The XS25 is the most popular and sought after of the XISICO™ line of performanc..




XS60C CO2 Air Rifle The XISICO XS60C is based on a design by our own Mike Melick and introduced in 2010 to very goo..


Our Services

CO2 AirGuns: We specialize in high performance tunes and upgrades of popular Chinese airguns. We cut our teeth on tuning the QB78 Deluxe QB79 CO2 series and have established some of the best quality tuning and power improving procedures for these rifles bar none. We can also tune a wide variety of other brands and models with equal skill and effectiveness. 

Sales- We sell factory original Xisico™ and Industry Brand Chinese air rifles. We can also handle bulk sales and offer the best rates and discounts on purchases made in quantity. If you want to buy by the crate, we can help. Contact us for full details.

Tuned Air Gun Sales- We sell XISICO™,  and limited or special offer airguns already professionally tuned and ready for use. Watch our specials for deals on professionally tuned rifles from RWS, Air Arms and more.

Tuning- We offer high quality precision tuning services for XISICO™ and Industry Brand air rifles as well as most other major brands including Crosman, RWS/Diana and Beeman to name a few. We specialize in professional tuning and upgrading of most popular brands of Chinese airguns. Contact us for more information on your particular model.

Parts- We offer custom fabrication of select parts for a variety of airgun makes and models. We can also supply factory OEM parts and are often the only place for hard to find or discontinued parts as well. Contact us for more information on your particular model.




Xisico Model XS46U The Xisico Model XS46U was introduced to U.S. markets in 2010 and features a convenient unde..




Xisico Model XS12 The XS12 is a light weight and more compact break barrel rifle that has been designed speci..


Flying Dragon XS60C PCP

Flying Dragon XS60C PCP

XS60C PCP Air Rifle: Second Gen   Flying Dragon Air Rifles is proud to be the first to offer airgunners a t..


XS- 60c Bulk Fill Cap

XS- 60c Bulk Fill Cap

 Bulk fill cap for 60c or Some QB-78 with fill nipple, does not fit newer QB-78 family tubes without modification..


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