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Professional Air Rifle Tuning, Services, Sales and Parts

Flying Dragon Air Rifles is the web home of professional airgun tuner Mike Melick. We specialize in sales, tuning, and servicing of Chinese made spring powered, Co2, and PCP air rifles including rifles from XISICO, Industry Brand, and SAG as well as Chinese made Crosman, Beeman, Ruger and other domestic brands. With over a decade of experience and sales encompassing both domestic and international markets, we are the premier source for Chinese air rifle sales, parts, and servicing.

Industry Brand AR2078B

Have two XS-120 pistols (P-17)

have both barrels and need TLC…$25 shipped

Walk in the door specials……….

If you come and pick them up I have around 15 Tech Force air rifles, TF-99, TF-89 etc. May need minor parts or repair. $100.00 out the door (lots of repair parts to go with the rifles)

Also found a B 4-2 and a B 3-1 under lever type rifles, walk them out the door for $40 for both

if you are near here come and get them…if they hang around much longer will send them out to the junk yard as I don’t have the time to fix them

We are in the middle of remodeling

Moving stuff to the new warehouse and remodeling the shop. Orders will still be filled but may take a day to do. Should be back to abnormal by the end of the week

Found a low comb stock for the B 26-2

Was in the “stock” pile due to a scratch on the cheek piece, refinished and it will be a good stock or for field work…if you order a 26-2 and let me know it is free

XS-702 Sentry air rifles

We are down to three in .22 and one in .177, may all be gone by the end of the week…just a heads up

will have more on hand in August

The last of the B 26-2’s are in the shop

Just put the last case on the shelf, if you have been thinking about one get it soon as they are going out the door at a goodly rate..