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Professional Air Rifle Tuning, Services, Sales and Parts

Flying Dragon Air Rifles is the web home of professional airgun tuner Mike Melick. We specialize in sales, tuning, and servicing of Chinese made spring powered, Co2, and PCP air rifles including rifles from XISICO, Industry Brand, and SAG as well as Chinese made Crosman, Beeman, Ruger and other domestic brands. With over a decade of experience and sales encompassing both domestic and international markets, we are the premier source for Chinese air rifle sales, parts, and servicing.

Industry Brand AR2078B

Oddball rifles for sale

  1. Air arms TX200 in .177 with walnut stock. Custom guide and top hat installed. Rifle has a full oe tune. This is the rifle featured on airgun detectives site. small ding in stock but other than that just run in. $750 shipped.
  2. FWB Sporter in .177, full oe tune, test fired only. $600 shipped
  3. Air Arms S500xs in .177, single shot, test fired only. $850
  4. Call for more info and payment method 515-924-3699 before noon if possible, no answer leave note on the machine, thank you.

Sentry 702 sale

We have lowered the price on the Sentry air rifles to $250.00.

XS-12 in .22 in stock

I was able to get a few of the .22’s in.

Beeman R-7 and R-9

We are still selling the Beeman R-7 and R-9 with a full oe tune for the same price as PA factory stock rifles. tune includes hone, polish button, lube etc…….call for more info


.177 and .22 $400,  .20 $440



If you send me an e-mail………

Don’t just assume it went through, many times the address is wrong and I don’t get it. Had a phone message from a customer asking me to answer his e-mail, well I never got it and they didn’t leave a phone number to call back to…so what to do???? If you call do it before noon CST, if you call at 10 to 12 I may not be there, when the UPS truck picks up before noon and I am caught up I will be out of here…I have to go out of the shop to test the rifles and don’t take a phone with me so if you don’t get an answer during the morning just call back in 15 minutes, I should be back in the shop..