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Professional Air Rifle Tuning, Services, Sales and Parts

Flying Dragon Air Rifles is the web home of professional airgun tuner Mike Melick. We specialize in sales, tuning, and servicing of Chinese made spring powered, Co2, and PCP air rifles including rifles from XISICO, Industry Brand, and SAG as well as Chinese made Crosman, Beeman, Ruger and other domestic brands. With over a decade of experience and sales encompassing both domestic and international markets, we are the premier source for Chinese air rifle sales, parts, and servicing.

Industry Brand AR2078B

The Arkansas air gun show is almost here

We will be closed from the 26th until the 1st

Lots of lower priced (really cheap) air rifles this year

B 26-2 in .22 for $80 (I found some RWS 320 barrels in .177, will swap into the 26-2 $20)

XS-25SFB, .177 and .22 for $60                                    these prices are only for the show

misc. rifles for $40

all kinds of other models up to $750…

When placing an order

Please make sure that Pay Pal has the state you live in, there is a trend to not include this information and it causes me to have to do extra work to find it as UPS requires this. From now on if I get orders with no state I am going to cancel the order, sorry but have enough to do as it is…

Also check your filters in your e-mail, if you do not get a shipping e-mail that is usually the cause..

.177 XS-25SFB super sale

I have an over run of the .177 XS-25sfb rifles…..will sell the extras for $70 shipped (Factory Stock only)  tuned rifles at usual price.

to order you must call 515-924-3699 (9am to noon cdt) for payment information

these very well could be the best $70 air rifle out there…..

FWB sporter in .177

This rifle has been lightly used, can’t tell by looking at it…$750 full oe tune

Mystery air rifles are here


XS-08 new model I haven’t seen before, synthetic stock, lots of plastic parts but fun little guns $50  action looks to be like a mini B-19/ crosman type

No Name B 2-3 venerable model thats been around forever, side latch to unlock barrel $65

No Name B 3-4 underlever model $55          .177 cal.  for all these, not sure how many of what is on hand sooo first come first served

all prices are shipped as always, please call to order 515-924-3699 before noon cst

coming soon XS-25 SFB

We will be carrying the SFB model of the popular XS-25. prices will start at $100 shipped for the factory stock rifles. Will have .177 and .22 on hand