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Professional Air Rifle Tuning, Services, Sales and Parts

Flying Dragon Air Rifles is the web home of professional airgun tuner Mike Melick. We specialize in sales, tuning, and servicing of Chinese made spring powered, Co2, and PCP air rifles including rifles from XISICO, Industry Brand, and SAG as well as Chinese made Crosman, Beeman, Ruger and other domestic brands. With over a decade of experience and sales encompassing both domestic and international markets, we are the premier source for Chinese air rifle sales, parts, and servicing.

Industry Brand AR2078B

Special .25 Sentry

Had a barrel from an HC Deluxe laying around and fitted it to a Sentry action, longer and faster than the regular rifle. Shoots in the 750 to 800 fps range.

Price is $260.00 shipped

call to order please

I got the raccoon……….and another one

We had a coon crapping on the front porch of the warehouse. Ben trying to get the little (30 lbs.) bustard for a week. Nailed him with the Sam Yang (Seneca) .357/9mm, dropped right there and didn’t even twitch. Now if the rest of the family stays away it will be nice and quiet in the hood…

They can’t seem to stay away, got a smaller one today…

Scopes, scopes and more scopes

We have a bunch of scopes coming, side focus, bubble level, first focal plane….

Prices are still up in the air but should be very reasonable, in the $100 to $150 range

for more info please call  515-924-3699 before noon CDT or e-mail, please don’t ask for a complete list in an e-mail, 13 different types of scopes so it would be a real pain to list them all for each e-mail…


sorry about the price increase on some of the rifles…..

Shipping has gone up so I have to raise prices $5 on some of the items…

Sidefocus scope sale

Been wanting a side wheel scope but just can’t afford one? Well here’s your chance…..

All are made by REX and come with weaver/picattiny type mounts, mil dot

3.5 – 10 X 40 illuminated $80 no big wheel                       PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING CONUS

10-40 X 44 illuminated $80 big wheel

10-40X 50 illuminated $80 big wheel


bulk purchase discounts available

Flying Dragon Lifetime Warranty applies to all scopes

We have bulk fill caps for the QB’s and 60C

for the QB’s we need to know which style cap you have on the rifle…new type or old…

see accessories for price etc…