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Author Archives: Mike

If you are going to go to the Malvern, AR show…………..

And there is something you want from us please let me know before next Wednesday, I will bring it along…

We should be OK on the new tariffs

After going through the whole list it looks like the rifles won’t be included, air pistols are but not the rifles if I read things right. HTS subheading 93040040 is where you want to look if you are interested in what’s going on

sorry about the price increase on some of the rifles…..

Shipping has gone up so I have to raise prices $5 on some of the items…

TX200 Beech .177 for sale

Full oe tune, $575 customer looked at it and sent it back, like new

Sidefocus scope sale

Been wanting a side wheel scope but just can’t afford one? Well here’s your chance….. All are made by REX and come with weaver/picattiny type mounts, mil dot 3.5 – 10 X 40 illuminated $80 no big wheel 4-16 X 50 illuminated $80 big wheel                     […]

Beeman P-1 (HW-45) for sale

very lightly used, looks new…177 in box….Santa Rosa markings $325 shipped $100 less than a new one