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Author Archives: Mike

A heads up on the XS-702 Sentry air rifles (new news)

The rifles have been shipped from the factory, They will be here on the 16th of October. REX has been good enough to provide some real nice scopes for the rifles, some have an MSRP of over $200.00. I will be selling them with the rifles at a big discount of around 50% or more.

XS-60C and QB-78 valve super sale

Have the stock valves for $15.00 shipped, want more than one? Please call and lets see how cheap we can go…order right on the site for single valves

We have more parts for the Xisico air rifles

Although Archers Airguns claim to be the offical parts dealer if you look on their site you will see only after market stuff, no factory parts….We also do warranty work on the Xisico rifles, doesn’t matter where you got it. We now have almost all the Xsisico parts here in the states, there are a […]

We do not sell bench rest rifles

if you use them for that and they are not accurate that is because they are not made for bench rest.