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Author Archives: Mike

here’s your million dollar idea

Develop a coating for building that gets darker to absorb heat the colder it gets and more reflective the warmer it gets to reflect heat….

Beeman P-1 (HW-45) for sale

very lightly used, looks new…177 in box….Santa Rosa markings $325 shipped $100 less than a new one

Trade-in XS 60C PCP in .22

Have one of the XS-60C PCP rifles on hand, lightly used, shooting in the 900’s with 14 gr.it has a matte black stock very nice paint. .22 and is scope only. $150 shipped… with lightly used pump $225

We have bulk fill caps for the QB’s and 60C

for the QB’s we need to know which style cap you have on the rifle…new type or old… see accessories for price etc…

Want a real power valve for the QB-78/9, AR2078. XS-60c ?

I have them, possibly 800 fps in .22  other mods to rifle will need to be made to take advantage of the flow…….. the rinky dink valve from Archers doesn’t even come close price is as listed on the site under accessories

Have some German rifles on hand

Beeman R-7 .177 tuned and shipped $300.00 Beeman R-9 .177 and .22 tuned and shipped $400 to order use Pay Pal to flyingdragonairrifles@hotmail.com with note as to what the money is for or mail a personal check or USPS money order to Box 292, Burt, IA, 50522 with note as to what the money is […]