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Author Archives: Mike

We are out of stock on the Sentry rifles

Sorry about that but you folks bought more than we thought you would. There are more coming in the next shipment. Iam not sure when that will be, unable to get a firm answer from Xisico usa.   We do have a few of the Side Lever XS-705 HC Deluxe Sentry on hand….

Ruger Airhawk/Blackhawk rifle on special

These are what appear to be Canadian spec. rifles (500 fps) in .177, actions have clipped springs. They are a put it together yourself type rifles. The action is all assembled, the barrel, stock (wood) and screws come with. You assemble them. The actions may have some scratches from storage and shipping but that does […]

The Beeman AR2078 and 2078A

We can now get the above target rifles in .177 or .22. Price is $200 shipped We started the business working on these rifles and can modify them to fit your requirements no charge in some cases. Adding parts such as Bottles, etc. will cost more.

Lefty stocked FWB 124 for sale

Stock has a repaired crack in pistol grip, stock finish is a little rough, new PA spring (JM twister???) installed with new piston seal, parts polished and lubed. Left handed stock, price shipped $350.00 call to order before noon cst…515-924-3699

We are the only dealer….

Who is disassembling, inspecting and testing every air rifle we sell whether it is a Xisico,FWB, HW, Beeman, Diana or whatever at no cost to the customer….

Beeman R-7 and R-9

We are still selling the Beeman R-7 and R-9 with a full oe tune for the same price as PA factory stock rifles. tune includes hone, polish button, lube etc…….call for more info R-9 .177 and .22 $400,  .20 $440 R-7 $300