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Category Archives: News/Announcements

Basic news and goings on with Flying Dragon Air Rifles.

Lefty stocked FWB 124 for sale

Stock has a repaired crack in pistol grip, stock finish is a little rough, new PA spring (JM twister???) installed with new piston seal, parts polished and lubed. Left handed stock, price shipped $500.00 call to order before noon cst…515-924-3699

Used Air rifles for sale

All are lightly used and shoot as designed Sam Yang (mm/.357) Recluse  $565 slightly reduced power for increased shot count 800 fps Air Arms (CZ) s200ft 800+ fps very accurate $500 Anschutz 250 fresh reseal on oil pot $500 very nice 10 meter rifle call 515-924-3699 to order

Diana chaser Pistol/rifle kit for sale

Have it kicked up abit, 600 fps in .22 with RWS Hobby, 550 with Crosman HP about 50 fps more than stock with either barrel $120 shipped Conus call 515-924-3699 before noon cst to order…

We are the only dealer….

Who is disassembling, inspecting and testing every air rifle we sell whether it is a Xisico,FWB, HW, Beeman, Diana or whatever at no cost to the customer….

3-12 X 40SFB scopes on sale

normal price is $100 but we have them for $70.00 shipped side focus, bubble level, 30mm tube (without mounts) for PCP or firearm msrp $157.00

XS-60C special one only

We have a special offer on one XS-60C in .22, rifle shoots at 640 fps and comes with a 6-24 X 50 AO target type scope. Sale priced at $160 shipped. Call to order please…515-924-3699 before noon CST