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Category Archives: News/Announcements

Basic news and goings on with Flying Dragon Air Rifles.

It’s that time of the year again…

I will be in the field for the next couple weeks on and off. I will answer calls, e-mails etc. when I can. Don’t forget the malvern airgun expo the 8th and 9th of October.

XS-705 in .25 back in stock

We have around 50 of the .25 Sentry HC Deluxe in stock. Those of you who have been waiting can now order them.

Have I got scopes…..

REX just sent me 1270 scopes….I need to move these as my storage is really getting full. here is a list of what I have on this shipment….you can see what they look like and the specs on them at rexoptics.com…use the search feature and put in the rx number to look at them. They […]

Pellets by the tin for sale

I have the Peak brand pellets for sale by the tin. Cost is $5 per tin plus shipping or $120 by the case of 40. >177 and .22 are wadcutters, .25 are points. 500 count in .177, 250 count for .22 and 150 count for .25 May not be the best pellets on the planet […]

The Beeman rifles have arrived…

Have the R-7 in .177 and the R-9 in .177. price has changed, R-7 is $400 tuned and shipped. The R-9’s are $530 tuned and shipped. sorry about the price change but that’s out of my hands…call to order or send e-mail to flyingdragonairrifles@hotmail.com…

Xisico air rifles

It looks like the supply of Xisico rifles will be very thin for some time to come. I talked with Truman at Xisico and he said it will be at least 6 months before we get another shipment from the factory. We do have parts and some models and of course will have support in […]