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Category Archives: News/Announcements

Basic news and goings on with Flying Dragon Air Rifles.

It’s finally time to harvest crops

Depending on the weather I may be out in the field, leave a message on the phone if you don’t get me. orders will be filled as quickly as possible, watch for the UPS e-mail….

We are having some computer problems at the shop

Please bear with us as we get them sorted out. should be back to abnormal in a few days….

XS-702 Sentry blow out sale

We now have the Sentry PCP air rifles priced at $200 shipped….

Lightly used German rifles

We have the following on hand, all lightly used…look like new and have been tuned RWS 48 in .22 $375 (no box) FWB Sporter  $700 (in Box) prices are shipped

REX 4-12 X 40 AO springer scopes on hand

Just got a new shipment of the springer rated scopes, price for the 4-12 is $75 shipped. I don’t have them up on the site yet so you will need to e-mail or call to order them…

Sentry HC Deluxe price drop

We are moving the HC Deluxe prototypes out at $225.00 shipped, going to make room for the production rifles at the end of the month…