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Professional Air Rifle Tuning, Services, Sales and Parts

Flying Dragon Air Rifles is the web home of professional airgun tuner Mike Melick. We specialize in sales, tuning, and servicing of Chinese made spring powered, Co2, and PCP air rifles including rifles from XISICO, Industry Brand, and SAG as well as Chinese made Crosman, Beeman, Ruger and other domestic brands. With over a decade of experience and sales encompassing both domestic and international markets, we are the premier source for Chinese air rifle sales, parts, and servicing.

Industry Brand AR2078B

BAM B 26-2 on sale $100.00 save $80.00

We are lowering the price on the B 26-2 to $100.00 for the factory stock rifles with a discount on the tuned rifles also… high comb stock only… .22 cal only

I really need to move these rifles to make room for some new stuff coming, a case of 5 factory stock rifles is $450 shipped.

we have a bunch of spare high comb stocks on hand, $20 shipped


XS- 60C pcp in .177 special low power

I have one low power 60C pcp on hand, I don’t know how many shots per fill yet …should be around 50 to 60… 1500 psi fill shooting at approx. 600 fps with 8.6 gr. pellets  $175.00 shipped

Tech Force 89 in .22 sale price SOLD

Stock has some minor dings from long term storage, went through, inspected and lubed, shoots smooth $125 shipped

B 26-2 special tune

Detuned B 26-2 in .177 shooting at 680 fps with normal pellets, easy cocking and very accurate…$230.00 shipped

Diana Mauser K98 in .22 for sale SOLD

New rifle full tune, $420 shipped

Christmas sale

i am putting the XS-12 on sale for christmas see the site for prices….