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Contact us using the information at the bottom of this page to learn how we can best serve you and provide solutions to your particular needs. We much prefer to take a one on one approach with our customers either through e-mail contact or direct phone conversation. In this way, we are able to provide service and solutions that best fit your needs. If we cannot help you with your particular request, we are always happy to refer you to other qualified tuners and services that we in our professional opinion believe may be best prepared to meet your needs.


Our Basic Tuning Services Terms/Description


Inspect, test fire, and record velocities, box it up and ship.

Disassemble, inspect, lube, test fire, record velocities and ship.

Spring guns: Disassemble, hone cylinder, polish parts, fit parts, trigger work (polish or add adjustment screws where possible) lube, recrown if needed, test fire, record velocities, box and ship.



We provide repair and tuning services for a wide variety of air rifles from many manufacturers. We specialize in models from Chinese distributors such as XISICO and Industry Brand, and are one of the foremost authorities on tuning and modifying the QB78, QB79, and AR2078 series of CO2 rifles. We perform all manner of repairs ranging from spring and piston seal replacements, to replacing valves and seals in CO2 rifles, to custom machining new parts. We can repair Crosman, Beeman, RWS, and many guns from most major manufacturers.
We can custom design, build and or install parts for a wide variety of air guns including top hats, seals and spring guides.


We provide a wide range of tuning services tailored to the customer’s needs and desires. We offer full power tuning, accuracy tuning, and bulk fill adaptations for the entire QB78 line and all of its variants including the AR2078a and AR2078b. We provide full tuning services for a large selection of spring powered air rifles and again can tailor tuning according to the customer’s requirements. All rifles are inspected and tested after tuning to ensure the rifle meets the customers expectations. All of our tuning services are provided by Mike Melick, one of the most well known, well respected, and most sought after air gun tuners in the industry. Prices for tuning varies based on the level of tuning desired and the make and model of the rifle in question. Most basic lube/tunes start at $40.00 and go up from there for additional services, modifications and upgrades.


All of our rifles receive an inspection and chrony testing before shipping to the customer. Unlike other third party retailers who will only look your rifle over and shoot it through a chrony for an added charge, we provide a comprehensive inspection and test for free. Each rifle is test fired and measured for velocity and accuracy after inspection. This procedure is included in the low price of our rifles rather than added on after the fact, which when comparing our rifles to our competitors offerings demonstrates the superior value and quality of Flying Dragon Air Rifles.

Bulk Sales: We can also handle bulk sales of popular XISICO and Industry Brand rifles and offer highly competitive rates for those who wish to purchase these rifles in quantity.

We sell most models from XISICO and Industry brand, and periodically offer limited run sales of specially tuned rifles. We also sell factory and custom manufactured parts for most air rifles and can produce parts to suit a customer’s particular needs. We offer different levels of tuning with each of our rifles, and are capable of working with customers to custom tune rifles to their desires. Visit our News/Announcements area for the latest updates on special offers, sales and limited run items.

**Important, Please Read**

Due to the highly personalized nature of air gun tuning and the wide variances in designs between models, we strongly encourage you to consult with us before undertaking any tuning or modification efforts with your air rifle. We greatly prefer to consult with customers and discuss with them their specific needs and requirements. In this way we can better determine how to help our customers reach their goals and determine which rifle, tune, and modifications are best suited to their particular needs. Contact us using the information below, or visit our contact page to send us a request for more information.

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