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"There is no doubt that Mike is good with them Co2's. Mike and I go back quite a ways and you just can't find a guy that is more honest, good to deal with or that will do more to help a fellow airgunner, especially with a QB78 than Mike. He is good at his craft and knows them QB's as well as or better than anybody I know. Also, you get much more than you pay for. As most of you know, I don't usually direct to or promote different companies or individuals publicly because of business ethics but Mike is an exception. If any of you are considering a QB, see Mike either first or see him last, but see Mike, cuz you won't go wrong or be sorry."

Bob Werner, AKA Charlie Da Tuna.


I knew nothing of Xisico rifles and what Mike could do to them (Full Tune).Anxious about the whole process, I trusted and went with an XS12 and XS25 both with Mike's "Full Tune." The guns arrived today via UPS after dark so all I could do is unbox them. Each rifle arrived in its factory box snuggly secured with molded styrofoam and encased in a plastic bag. Both factory boxes were packaged into a larger outer shipping box with air cushion packs inside to keep the inner boxes from shifting. After the tuning, Mike does a testing of several (6) different pellets and records the make/model of each pellet and the FPS for each. He signs and dates the results and documents "Full Tune."Thanks very much Mike!!



"I recently purchased a B50 from Mike@FDA, and had some problems with the trigger sear not engaging. Mike was great in helping me to try and troubleshoot things via email. When I finally realized I wasn't getting anywhere, I was able to ship the B50 back to him. Mike not only took care of the trigger issue, but he also pointed out that I had incorrectly re-assembled a piece when I was troubleshooting. He was able to find a replacement part for what I had screwed up at a very very reasonable price, and now my B50 shoots better than ever. Thanks again Mike"



"Mike--this is David Stuart in Albuquerque with an update on the 22 cal. SX-B12 you sent me several weeks back. Remember, I'm the guy with the urban drain rats issue. This rifle is a joy! It's the smoothest, easiest springer to cock and most accurate one I've ever shot. It is very quiet, a superb value, and the score is now SX-12 5 drain rats 2. Five out of the first seven at night is pretty darn good. One Peak wadcutter pellet each for four. A second pellet for one. Average distance 15-18 yards. In addition, on a lark I went dove hunting with it when season opened on the first of Sept. Got 2 as they slowed to landing speed near an irrigation ditch several miles from city center. Nice dinner!! With the Williams peep sight I get about an inch group at 25 yards with RWS Hobby pellets. I get .5 to.7 in. at same distance with Crosman Premier domed and a little tripod rest. My eyes aren't so good at age 67 , but the firesight front sights coupled with the peep are mighty easy to center. Younger eyes could do better on the accuracy, but I am very , very happy with this rifle. I had no idea one could handle pest control so effectively with .22 wadcutters at @450 FPS. Amazing!"



"Not too long ago I had some weird "issues" with a brand new Xisico B28 I bought from Best Airgun, the first one was a disaster and second one was great until it "locked up" on me one day. Weird, I know...anyway, to make a long story short (or maybe just an annoying story) I just want to give a big thank you out to those guys and Mike Melick for taking care of everything. I received the second one back a few days ago and now that I've finally had the chance to shoot a tuned airgun Im really surprised by how much more smooth and accurate they can be. If he can do that to a $150-200 rifle I can only imagine what could be done with some of these higher end ones. At this point I'd say it ranks closely with my RWS 34P in terms of accuracy along with what appears to be pretty close to the power of my RWS 48. Thats an excellent value for the price if you ask me.Anyway, I've certainly picked up alot of valuable info from you guys just by lurking around and asking dumb questions..thanks! Also, I cant say enough about Mr. Melick's quality of work...but then again it seems like you guys already know all about that."

Thanks and Happy New Year from San Diego

"Flying Dragon is truly a one of a kind business. Great products, great service. Mike Melick is one of those rare folks who actually ENCOURAGES folks to call. He is very knowledgeable, and can help you pick out the right gun for exactly what you need. Wanna get a serious target gun for formal paper punching? Mike can get you there. Want an accurate sledghammer for hunting? Mike can make it happen. Want something that can pull double duty? He has guns that can be tuned to shoot smooth as silk, and still put out 15 ftlbs of energy. Want something that you can loan to friends, or teach the kids with? Get a QB or a B-12, with a check over and tune, for less than the competetion is selling bone-stock rifles for. Why go pay some shop that has 100% markup for an off-the-shelf rifle, then pay them a fee to look it over, and buy performance parts you have to install yourself? Mike checks EVERY gun that leave his shop. The handwriting you see on the box, that's his. Get your next rifle from Flying Dragon. Expect to get an accurate, well made, throughly checked rifle for less than most others will send you bone stock. Thanks Mike. I am a customer for life. God bless."


I haven't sent very many emails on quality of service but I feel compelled to on this one.

I sent a AR 2078B to Mike around 1.5 weeks ago. He is converting it to run off a 3000psi bottle regulated down to 1000psi. Just received a e-mail that the gun is shipping today. Asked him How Much? His response,

"You owe nothing until it does what you want it to...I'll have it on the way. Mike; ps threw in a 79 stock"

How is that for service!!!!!!! Mike is one of the best at his craft and a pleasure to deal with. Keep this in mind next you are thinking about buying your next airgun.


Mike sent me a qb79 that he had worked over and a machinist friend of mine installed a riser so as to use 9 oz paint ball container. So far I can't believe how it shoots! I have so far taken 4 squirrels out of my back yard and had a very good stew because of that! Shipping was fast and work on the gun was exceptional. It was actually out of stock but I still got it within 2 weeks. I am impressed that you guys not only give what is promised but do it at a cost lower than anyone on the internet! I will definitely be doing business in the future and recommend your site and expertise to everyone.

Sincerely, Mark Hughes

"I just got my XS-28M, .25 cal, today. It's a beautiful piece, can't wait to try it out, but I don't have a single pellet in the house that fits it. This is my fourth purchase from Mike, I wish everyone gave his kind of service." - Larry

"After speaking with Mike Melick at Flying Dragon I ordered a B26-2 with low comb and lube. The gun arrived today. I'm just plum tickled. The gun has a very nice stock and cocks easier than any adult rifle that I have handled. The action is super smooth and the trigger is the best of any of my guns including my RWS 34P."


"Mike Melick's B25 line are excellent clones of the RWS34. They are tough, powerful, accurate and reliable. Best of all is the price - with a super tuneup from Mike thrown in. He is a super nice guy and one of the most sought after tuners out there." "The MM B40 is a handsome and very accurate rifle, that while heavy, is super smooth, thanks to the Mike Melick tuning, and loves my fantasy pair of pellets, cheap CPLs and Predators, without the need to re-sight the scope when switching from target to field rounds for 20 yards or so. A miracle!"

"Last year about this time I was able to order a BAM-40 Air Rifle from Mike Melick. He did an excellent job tuning and setup the rifle. I put a 3x9x40 scope on her and she is sweet. Thanks Mike a year later and she is still a sweet rifle. I shoot the tops off medicine bottles"


"Talk to Mike Melick at Flying Dragon Air Rifles. He is absolutely the best tuner and most honest business man selling these QB-78s."

"Get a BAM B26 from Mike Melick at Flying Dragon Airguns. Mike buys the Chinese guns by the case, goes through them, and discards the crappy ones. He will clean and lap the bore, polish the trigger sear, and lubricate the air rifle and ship it to you, ready to shoot for a base price of $140. There is no better bargain in a basic air rifle"


"I got a tuned Mike Melick B-26 .177 shipped for $180 about a month ago and I love it. I put about 200 rounds through it Sunday and I am amazed by the accuracy."

" I purchased mine from a well known and respected tuner Mike Melick at Flying Dragon Air Rifles. I let him know my wants and needs. With his reputation preceeding him he did not disappoint."


"There is no better bargain for any single air rifle than a well tuned B-26 from Mike Melick. I own two of them and always suggest them as the air rifle to start with if you are serious about the air gun hobby."

"Mike of Flying Dragon Airguns is terrific to work with. My QB78 that I won in the January raffle was lube tuned and I love it. Last week I picked up another QB78 at an estate sale that was missing some parts. Just got what I needed from Mike and when I remembered later that I needed something else he just threw it in the box."


"If you have an issue with a product Mike sells, Mike will make it right. Just follow the rules!! Treat Mike like an adult and he will treat you like an adult...PERIOD!! Mike Melick = Class act..."

"I got a b26.177 from Mike last year and its on my top, a b30 tuned by him ,a qb78d tuned by Mike and at one time I had three tuned by him all in .22,s. Now I will get the b25.22, one of the best men to deal with. Mike we all got love for you and your work ,thank you ....Jorge"


"Mike Melick is great to deal with!!! Talking on the phone with him was a pleasure, it was like we knew each other for years even though it was the 1st time we spoke. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a Chinese springer.."
"Mike Melick knows his airguns and is a fair business man. My first was a B21,but breech was extremely tight,so much you could see pellet come out barrel. My fault at that time I didn't check box for MM inspection. Called him,he immediately sent me a replacement,BEFORE I even sent mine back." "Just got a new stock for B-26 from Mike Melick. Went the extra mile to help me, Fast service excellent to buy from. Thanks again."

"Mike is the finest kind and proud to have him as a member of GTA!!!! "

DaveEZ, Administrator GTA International Airgun Forums