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Xisico XS60C PCP Air Rifle

We will be adding additional information regarding the XS60C PCP rifle to this page soon in an effort to provide an easy to reference source of details for those wanting to learn more about this highly popular new rifle. For the time being, below we have included links to our friends at the GTA airgun forums where many of our customers are busy shooting and tinkering with their rifles. Please keep in mind, we do not recommend overfilling this rifle past its 1500 PSI rating. If you decide to undertake any modifications or alterations of your 60C PCP, we request you keep safety in mind at all times.

Although this is considered a low pressure PCP, the 1500 PSI this rifle is rated at is more than sufficient to warrant extreme caution when working with it. This is true with any PCP rifle charged with high pressure air, and we suggest referring all work to a professional airgun smith if you are not versed in the handling of high pressure air systems. Carelessness or mistakes when working with high pressure air rifles can easily lead to serious injuries or even death.

Flying Dragon is not responsible for any damage or injuries incurred from the modification, overpressurization, or otherwise abuse or mishandling of any rifle we sell.

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Getting a good shot string.

Adjust for a shot string that starts out low, climbs about 4-5% to the peak velocity, and then stop shooting at that same 4-5% below the peak. As an example, a good shot string would start at 800 fps, climb to about 840, and then end at 800. By adjusting the hammer spring preload and the fill and refill pressures, you will find several tunes that accomplish that. The most powerful USEFUL tune is the one that does that type of shot string while simultaneously starting at the 1500 psi maximum recommended pressure.

How much variation you are willing to accept (the percent ES) along the way depends on the intended range.... If I am shooting within 50 yards, I find that a 4% ES is acceptable (although some suggest 3%).... for 75 yard use, you need to stay within a 3% ES, and at 100 yards, 2% or better.... If you are shooting at 25 yards or less, then a 10% spread between the fastest and slowest shot will likely not bother you.... Obviously, the larger the ES you are willing to accept, the more shots in the string you get to count

-R Sterne.


Non Adjusted Performance

Typical out of the box 20 shot string with Crosman Premier Hollow Points. 22 Caliber

1-846 FPS
5-846                        Performance for Gen 1 rifles

  The gun was at approx 550 psi and took 53 strokes to fill it back to 1500 psi.


XS60C PCP Troubleshooting

These rifles are not tuned and come with a preliminary power setting that provides a good starting point. Due to shipping and ordering volumes, it is possible to encounter rifles with adjustments differing slightly from one to another.

If you find your out of the box velocity is far below what is considered the norm, 800-900 FPS depending upon caliber, check the adjustment nut at the rear of the action. Remove the stock and check that the nut is adjusted in 2 - 2 1/2 turns from full out. This should provide the typical velocities expected from as shipped rifles. Further adjustments can then be made to provide performance according to your preferences.


Filling to 1500 PSI-

If your gun is fully depressurized and you are finding it impossible to refill, try cocking the gun before attempting to refill. This usually solves the problem.

1500 PSI is the recommended fill pressure for the XS60C PCP. Overfilling can be potentially dangerous as well as negatively impact the performance of the rifle. If you have overfilled your rifle and now find that it will not fire, the gun is experiencing valve lock. To depressurize, attach your hand pump to the rifle, pump until you reach fill pressure and hear the valve open, then slightly open the bleed screw on the hand pump until you hear air escape. This should allow the pressure in the rifle to escape.


Odds n Ends

For guns that come with the safety removed, the open holes can be cleanly filled using 5/16'' and 3/16'' size plug caps available in the hardware section at LOWES hardware stores.