Xisico Model XS28M Dual Caliber

We are now selling the XS-28 in Dual caliber, both .177 and .22
The XS28M is XISICO's magnum class spring airgun which was introduced with great success to US customers a few years ago as an alternative to higher priced magnum springers from other manufacturers. Initially better known as the BAM28 or simply "B28", this powerful break barrel air rifle has gained a dedicated following due to its relatively mild cocking weight for a magnum class spring air rifle, high power, and consistent performance. In fact, although this model is considered a clone of the RWS 350 Magnum, most owners of the XS28M report higher FPE numbers and more consistent velocities than the higher priced RWS it is modeled after. This is a true magnum class air rifle capable of reaching velocities of  850 FPS with 22 caliber pellets and producing energies in excess of 25 FPE. This high power air gun is an all purpose performer that can print good groups, take out a wide variety of small game, and delivers more power at longer ranges with great accuracy.

Rifle comes with the .177 barrel installed and the drop in .22 can be mounted easily.

The XISICO XS28M is an attractive air rifle and features a well finished Monte Carlo style stock with raised cheek rest, precision forearm and grip checkering, and a heavy duty vented rubber recoil butt pad. The front sight is a hooded fixed position unit, and the rear sight is an adjustable open design. The receiver is machined with a standard 11mm dovetail for mounting most air gun rated scopes. The trigger is a very good copy of the T05, and provides precise and predictable control. This magnum power pellet gun is an ideal alternative to similar higher priced magnum break barrel springers and provides the budget minded shooter with a powerful and attractive choice they can be proud to shoot and display.

Note: This rifle is extremely popular and is noted for its high performance capabilities. Many customers opt for our professional performance tune to maximize the already formidable performance of this air gun and turn an already strong and affordable performer into a smooth and powerful air rifle that can compete with rifles costing twice as much.




Xisico Model XS28M Butt Pad- Vented Rubber Pad
Caliber- .177 .22 .25 Safety- Automatic
Cocking Effort- 36lbs Stock- Monte Carlo Design - Wood
Front Sights- Fixed Hooded Velocity-   1000+ fps .177, 950 FPS .22 cal ,700 fps .25
Rear Sights- Adjustable FPE- 25+ FPE .22 cal
Cocking Action- Break Barrel Power Plant- Spring Piston
Scope Mount-11mm dovetail with Scope Stop Accuracy- 1/5"@10M
Weight- 8Lbs Total Length- 48.0"

Note: All rifles ordered in factory stock configuration recieve a basic inspection and test firing over a chrony to ensure proper operation. Most retailers charge extra for this service, making this is an unbeatable value that ensures proper performance straight from the box.

Tuning Options-This gun can be ordered with a professional basic or full tune which improves performance and longevity. All Flying Dragon rifle tunes are performed by Mike Melick, one of the best and most respected names in air gun service and tuning today. Rates for tuning vary according to model and customer requirements. Please e-mail or call us with a detailed description of your desired rifle including the model number for any special tuning requirements beyond our standard options.



We also accept personal checks or USPS money orders. Please send your full name, mailing address, and check or money order payments along with the model number, tune option, and desired caliber to: Flying Dragon, Box 292, Burt, IA, 50522. Orders are processed and shipped once payment is confirmed.


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