XS60C PCP Air Rifle: Second Gen


Flying Dragon Air Rifles is proud to be the first to offer airgunners a truly affordable alternative to the normally high costs associated with PCP air rifles. The XS60C PCP is Mike Melicks latest custom rifle build which takes the performance of the proven XS60C and combines it with the power of an integral rechargeable air reservoir. Add in high accuracy, 25+ FPE potential, and excellent tunability as well as a low $175.00 price tag, and you have what is perhaps the best bang for the buck PCP air rifle in existence today.

This custom rifle incorporates a wide variety of features including precision bolt action loading and cocking, and of course, an air reservoir to allow the use of compressed air at 1500 PSI. The stock is a sporter design with an attractive finish and a rubber butt pad for comfortable shouldering. Other performance features include adjustable front and rear fiber optic sights, rubber recoil pad, and light total weight. The trigger is fully adjustable and can be set by removing the action from the stock. The power can be adjusted by removing the action from the stock and turning the large set screw at the rear of the action. This precharged pneumatic provides good shot counts at medium power settings, 800 to 1000+-FPS velocities depending on pellet selection, and very good accuracy, all in an affordable package.

This rifle is intended as an entry level PCP that allows shooters to either run with the rifle as is, or tinker and modify as they progress to higher levels of proficiency. Buyers of the 60C are reporting shot counts of 20 to 30 usable shots on a single fill at medium power, up to 30 fpe at full power settings, and very good accuracy. Since its introduction this rifle has become extremely popular and is an ideal choice for shooters who want a rifle that allows them to get into the world of precharged pnuematics without the high price. We must make clear that these are not fully tuned and are modified CO2 rifles, they are not intended to compete with high end PCPs, and that in order to extract maximum performance further work will be needed. In other words, this is the bare bones of what you need to get into PCPs on a budget, and still have loads of fun doing it.

Note: This rifle has been modified from CO2 to use compressed air. Requires a source of compressed air to charge the rifle.  We can further modify this rifle for higher performance for an added fee. Please contact us through e-mail or use our contact form before ordering if you desire a custom tune with this rifle.

6/03/14-Also note, our normal warranty does not extend to this rifle. We will attempt to solve any issues that may arise as a result of defective manufacture, but as this rifle is modified and intended for additional user modification, we cannot extend our normal warranty service.


Warning. We do not recommend overfilling this rifle beyond its 1500 PSI charge limit. Doing so can result in damage or personal injury. We are not responsible for any damages or injury that may result from overfilling past the recommended fill level.

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  • Brand: XISICO
  • Product Code: Flying Dragon XS60C PCP .22
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  • $175.00