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"I just got my XS-28, .25 cal, today. It's a beautiful piece, can't wait to try it out, but I don't have a single pellet in the house that fits it. This is my fourth purchase from Mike, I wish everyone gave his kind of service." - Larry

"After speaking with Mike Melick at Flying Dragon I ordered a B26-2 with low comb and lube. The gun arrived today. I'm just plum tickled. The gun has a very nice stock and cocks easier than any adult rifle that I have handled. The action is super smooth and the trigger is the best of any of my guns including my RWS 34P."

"Mike Melick's B25 line are excellent clones of the RWS34. They are tough, powerful, accurate and reliable. Best of all is the price - with a super tuneup from Mike thrown in. He is a super nice guy and one of the most sought after tuners out there."

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Industry Brand Model QB78

Industry Brand QB78
The QB78 is the Chinese answer to Crosman’s retirement of the venerable and popular 160 and 167 series of CO2 powered air rifles. Although this CO2 powered air rifle is a faithful copy of the highly prized Crosman 160, the Chinese have added refinements and improvements that have proven to turn this already effective airgun platform into a truly admirable performer.

The QB78 provides a lot of value for your money. The hardwood stock is nicely finished and retains the good lines and ergonomics of the 160 it emulates. Unlike many of the 160’s however, this wood is smoother and given a darker finish that shines well when polished. Later model Crosman 160’s had adjustable triggers, and the QB78’s trigger keeps up with the design allowing for adjustments to travel, pull weight, and sear engagement. The trigger action is clean and predictable, with smoothness as a notable quality.

The power system on the QB78 is a step up from the old 160 assemblies. Power has been maintained, and consistency has been improved, and most owners report greatly improved shot count on a set of CO2’s as well. This is remarkable in a CO2 rifle as in most cases increasing shot count comes at the cost of reduced power. Like the Crosman 160, the QB78 can be powered with one empty and one full CO2 cartridge, or given a full charge with two full CO2’s. This is useful when performing modifications or testing and you don’t want to waste cartridges. The QB78 is also designed to accept a variety of fill options including bulk fill adapters and fittings for attaching paint ball tanks, making this air rifle truly versatile in the power source department.

QB78 Air Rifle

Another improvement the QB makes over the old 160 is the inclusion of a rugged scope mount designed to accept standard 11mm scope rings as well as including adjustable open sights. With the QB78 there is no need for special adapters or modifications to mount some good glass. For overall performance, the QB78 is hard to beat in a modern CO2 powered air rifle. In 177 cal versions velocities around 500-550FPS are the average at temperatures above 70 degrees, while 22 cal versions hover around the 450 FPS mark. The biggest news here is that the QB78 responds extremely well to tuning and modification, and many owners have seen FPE of 13+ and velocities of 700+ FPS with 22 caliber QB78’s easily achieved. Those converting their QB78’s to bulk fill can see even higher energies. If you want the most from your QB78, e-mail or call us to discuss the various tuning options we offer as we can professionally modify and tailor these air rifles to suit your needs.

Regarding accuracy, the QB78 is a proven performer and well known for producing tight groups in both .177 and .22 caliber versions, with the edge in accuracy being given to the .177’s. Accuracy from the factory is rated at ½” CTC at 30 yrds which often appears to be a conservative appraisal with many owners achieving 3/8” CTC consistently. Overall, the QB78 is an excellent value for the money and is an excellent choice for enthusiasts looking for a CO2 powered rifle than can be easily upgraded to match their expectations as their skill progresses.

Note: This rifle is extremely popular and is noted for its good accuracy and easy to upgrade design. We specialize in tuning the QB78 / QB79 models and their related variants and can tune these rifles to meet your desired performance level. All our QB78, QB79, and AR2078 series rifle ordered in factory stock configuratation still receive a free standard inspection and test fire over a chrony before shipping. Most retailers charge extra for this service, making this is an unbeatable value that ensures proper performance straight from the box.



Industry Brand QB78

Butt Pad- Soft Rubber Pad
Caliber- .177 .22 Safety- Manual
Power Source- 2 CO2 Cartriges Stock- Sporter Design - Wood
Sights- Open Fixed Velocity- 550 FPS-.177 cal 420 FPS .22 cal
Rear Sights- Adjustable FPE- 6 FPE .22 Cal
Cocking Action- Bolt Action Trigger- Adjustable
Scope Mount-11mm Dovetail Accuracy- 1/2"@30 Yrds
Weight- 5.7Lbs Total Length- 40.0"

Tuning Options- This gun can be ordered with a basic or full professional tune which improves performance and longevity. All Flying Dragon rifle tunes are performed by Mike Melick, one of the best and most respected names in air gun service and tuning today. Rates for tuning vary according to model and customer requirements. Please e-mail or call us with a detailed description of your desired rifle including the model number if requesting special tuning requirements beyond our standard options.

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We also accept personal checks or USPS money orders. Please send your full name, mailing address, and check or money order payments along with the model number, tune option, and desired caliber to: Flying Dragon, Box 292, Burt, IA, 50522. Orders are processed and shipped once payment is confirmed.

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